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    The charm of the vintage car has been increasing amongst wedding couples, especially if the wedding theme is classic or traditional. Vintage car hiring for a wedding is trending as it let the bride and groom make a classic departure and contributes to making the wedding unique. 

    Seeking a vintage wedding car rental service is complex as compared to taking another car rental for the wedding because a vintage car is not the same as any modern car. 

    Therefore, we give you nine tips that will make it easier for you to get a wedding car rental service.

    • Book Early

    As vintage cars are quite famous these days for a wedding, therefore, it is important to book your favorite one in advance. Booking a vintage car is no less important than booking a wedding venue. Hence, you can start looking for the right company to book the car as soon as the wedding date is announced.

    • Only For The Couple Or More

    Vintage cars come in different shapes, sizes, and seating capacities. The quintessential vintage Rolls Royce is fit for accommodating two royalties. However, if you are interested in chauffeur-driven service, a vintage Beetle is a great choice to get tongues wagging.

    • What’s The Significance

    Whatever you choose for your wedding, be it the theme, wedding dress, etc, there is more than simple ‘because-I-like-that’ behind those choices, then why should it be any different for a wedding car? You can hire a vintage car that was launched on the same date as your wedding or the one that was rented at your grandfather’s/father’s wedding. You can share these significant matters with the rental company and they will help you choose the best car.

    • User’s Reviews

    Of course, you must choose the vintage car that has special meaning for you, but there is no harm in being a little practical. Therefore, not only you should check the rating of the hiring company but also of the iconic car.

    • Replacement Policy

    Usually, the wedding car rental Delhi and other cities service providers have a replacement policy in case the chosen car breaks down or becomes unavailable on the D-day due to any other reason. You must read the replacement policy to specially check if your car will be replaced by another car in the same category i.e. another vintage car or any available car. 

    • Photo Prop

    A vintage car is an opportunity to make a statement. It will be in your social media pictures and therefore, you will obviously want to pick the right ride. In fact, you can also discuss with the sales representative of marriage car rental Delhi and other cities companies, if the same car can be hired for pre-wedding shoot also.

    • Vehicle Condition

    Before you sign the agreement, it is recommended to check the condition of the classic car, after all, the details matter! Mechanical parts, lights, windows, doors, air-conditioner, interior, exterior, and everything else that is important to you.

    • License and Insurance

    Booking a vintage car for the wedding with any car rental company that doesn’t have insurance can put you in trouble in case of an accident. To avoid getting tangled in a web of financial problems, it is wise to check renting company’s agreement with a licensed and insured body.

    • Practice For Graceful Exit

    It may not sound that important, but it will be great if you practice getting in and out of the car in your wedding attire. A vintage car is not like your regular car and we are sure you would not like to any chances on the day of your wedding. So, don’t forget to take the date from the company for this as well.

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