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    The ongoing pandemic, Corona Virus is increasingly becoming a worldwide public health emergency.  With about Thirty-Four cases in India and about Eighty-Eight Thousand worldwide, the occurrence of this virus is becoming alarming day by day. The death tolls worldwide have reached a whopping Three Thousand.

    A new virus that has not been identified earlier in humans, it is believed to come from the interaction between humans and animals. The virus comes from the family of Coronaviruses.

    The common symptoms of Corona Virus include fever, cough, breathing difficulties like shortness of breath, etc. In case of more severe occurrence, it may also lead to the acute respiratory syndrome, pneumonia, kidney failure, and, in worst cases, death. What makes the virus all the more dangerous is that it is extremely contagious. A virus is communicable; the sources of spreading the virus are very sensitive and huge in number.

    The virus started in Wuhan, China, and has now spread to Israel, Italy, America, India, and many other nations.

    While the world of pharmaceutical research is still in the process of identifying the cause, remedies, and medicines, there are some preventive measures we can take in our daily lives, which can prove quite helpful.

    As a virus that is extremely contagious and has now left its footprint across different parts of the globe, international and domestic travel, especially to the places that have recorded a high number of cases is to be strictly avoided. This is such a serious step that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has rolled out a notice asking Americans to avoid international travel, especially to China. The risk of contracting the virus is extremely high in close physical vicinities. However, while travel may be unavoidable due to personal circumstances, it is strictly advised to carry a sanitizer, a mask and to avoid human contact as much as possible.

    At a more everyday level, personal hygiene is of extreme importance. While it is a point of consideration even otherwise, given the contagious nature of the virus, it is advised to take extra efforts to ensure personal hygiene to minimize the chances of catching Coronavirus.

    As part of the personal hygiene efforts, one is required to adopt washing hands frequently is important. Make the conscious effort of getting up every two to three hours and wash your hands thoroughly with soap. While you may not always have access to washbasins, soap and water, carry your sanitizer and use that every two to three hours and compulsorily after every meal. Ensure that you do not share your sanitizer with anyone else as that may cause inevitable contact. It is suggested to bulk shop hand soaps and sanitizers as they’re unavailable in many stores due to extremely high demand. It is recommended that you use an alcohol-based sanitizer as it is more effective.


    You can try wet wipes or sanitized handkerchiefs. However, it is important to ensure that you dispose of them off properly as they may come in contact with someone if not thrown away properly.

    Another small significant preventive measure in terms of personal hygiene would be to avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth frequently. In case you feel an uncontrollable itching sensation, wash your hands before and after.

    Apart from the personal hygiene efforts you undertake, remember to be cautious of the public spaces you enter. Crowded places bring you in contact with many people which could be dangerous for a communicable virus-like Corona.

    While face masks prevent you from coming in contact with any possible source, it also helps you from potential respiratory diseases.

    Health workers, under their responsibility, are exposed to Coronavirus and its related health issues. Therefore it is of extreme importance for them to use a face mask. They should also keep sanitizer and wipes.

    While there are no dietary considerations, particularly, many health experts believe that it’s better to avoid meat and non-vegetarian foods in general. Even if you wish to consume, make sure the meat is properly cooked and cleaned. Take the extra effort of washing the utensils twice after cooking and boiling. You should also include healthy foods like boiled vegetables. Be mindful of avoiding citrus or anything cold as that may make you prone to catching a cold.



    Corona Virus seems to be increasing day by day. Blame its contagious nature, lack of personal hygiene, ignorance from the bureaucratic health authorities, or whatever, the fact that it’s your battle to fight against now remains unchanged.

    While the outbreak of a virus, like this is indeed dangerous, there are a few steps you can take to protect yourself against Corona Virus.

    Avoiding travel to places which have the maximum cases is to be strictly followed. As for your hygiene, remember to wash your hands every two to three hours and to use an alcohol-based sanitizer. Ensure that you do not step out of the house without a face mask. Avoid coming in contact with sick people.

    These considerations make for useful preventive measures as health experts themselves suggest. These seemingly small efforts will prove helpful in collectively fighting against the virus and leading a healthy life.

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