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    There is nothing wrong with combining a business and leisure trip, in fact, it is the new normal. As per new research, people on business tours don’t mind turning their trip into a mini-vacation. Moreover, they prefer to fulfill their desires even when they travel for business if time permits. This new class of travelers has led to the coining of a new term-leisure. The term has been there since 2009 and it is here to stay for a long time to come.

    Thanks to technology, which has bridged the gap between work and play, leisure is a new way of traveling for the masses. A writer can pen down content on a beach in Goa, emails can be checked over a morning cup of coffee while appreciating the beauty of snow-capped mountains in Himachal, a full-time freelance coder can create websites from any corner of the country. We have seen the work-life boundaries blurring with ‘once a week work from home culture, discussing ideas over a ping-pong table in the start-ups. Bleisure is another modern way to be productive at the same time rejuvenating.

    Bleisure is an innovative way to make a boring business strip interesting. It might give a few professionals a reason to look forward to the new business deal or client meeting. If the destination is appealing, professionals can add a weekend or weekdays to their work trip and enjoy the other half with friends, family, or on their own. The combination is in so much demand that it has acquired the portmanteau- ‘leisure.

    Business or leisure, no trip is possible without transportation. Airplane, train, bus, car, make the itinerary and choose the most suitable transport medium amongst them or there can be a combination here as well just like your trip. So, you can complete the whole trip on four wheels. Or your preferred mode of transportation could be an airplane for the business part and a car for the personal road trip. 

    Well, whatever be the case, if you need a car rental service, Eco Rent A Car is at your disposal. Eco’s car rental with driver service is also available to make your trip less stressful. We are here with the airport transfer service to take you from your place to your airport and then give you a car on rent with a driver in the new city.

    Rent a car from Eco in any city in India to move from your hotel to the meeting venue or to have a taste of the city. You can choose amongst a wide range of cars as per the use- predominantly to drive in the city, hire it for business purposes, a spacious family car for sightseeing or take it on the expressway because you would like to race, Eco Rent A car gives you right car serving the purpose. Further, our chauffeur-driven cars on rent service prove to be the best where you are already in another city and you would like your family or group of friends to join you at a particular date or time to embark on the fun-filled journey. All-in-all, Eco Rent A Car service has always got your back, whether you are on a business, leisure, or leisure trip.

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