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    With a to-do list, the responsibility of being active via email or over the phone call, the stress of presentation, duty to collaborate with colleagues, business tours are only so-called tours. By introducing upscale workplaces with dining rooms, gyms, game areas, lounges, etc companies are trying hard to blur the work-life boundaries. However, don’t you think employees deserve a life-work balance even when they are on a trip on behalf of the company?

    Did the voice in your head said, ‘Yeah, right!’? Well, then here are some tips for the travelling workforce that will make them look forward to their business tours from now onwards.

    • Research Well

    Don’t leave a stone unturned when it comes to researching the places you would like to visit on your tour. Therefore, as soon as you finish your work you can head start with the fun activities. And to save your time further, take chauffeur-driven cars on rent service so that you do not end up wasting your time in navigation.

    • Plan Meetings Beyond The Four Walls

    Meetings can be done beyond conference and board rooms. You can present your ideas even in a coffee shop facing a picturesque park, or any unusual place as per the common interest of the parties.

    • Pack Like You Are Going For Vacation

    First of all, it will set the mood. Secondly, who likes to go to fun places in a black, blue or grey suit? Therefore, either unfold your power suit or make some space for a swimsuit and casual wear in your suitcase.

    • Extend Your Trip

    This is somewhere very obvious if you intend to enjoy your stay completely and explore the destination. However time management you may do and plan meetings & leisure activities for the same day, but nothing makes it feel like a holiday until you spend a few days just chilling (just saying)!

    • Ask For It

    Staying at a hotel in a great location? Great! Does your hotel room has a balcony so that you can enjoy the scenic beauty right in your pajamas. It’s okay if your room doesn’t have one, because you can always ask to move to the one which has a balcony.

    • Schedule Smartly

    You need to make a smart schedule if you want to make the most of your trip. For example, if your meeting is in the second half, get up early, enjoy the sunrise or soak in the sun at the beach or take a local market tour before taking a chauffeur-driven car on rent to go to the meeting place.

    • Plan As Per Your Interest

    Be clear with your thoughts on leisure. For instance, if you want to just relax after a hectic day and are an admirer of spa and massage, choose a hotel to stay. However, if you aim to explore the city, go for a homestay. 

    • Don’t Stress Over ‘Make The Most of It’

    The sole purpose of taking a vacation is to relax. If you are stressing over making the most of your trip, then what is the point of taking it in the first place. Sometimes, it is okay not to plan or schedule smartly and just go with the flow to ‘make the most of it!’

    • Make Way For Family or Friends

    No wonder family or friends can make any formal trip informal. Even if you do not extend your trip by a few days, your family or friends will ensure that for whatever days you are there, that time is no less than a full-fledged vacation. So, take a car on rent with a driver and convert a normal trip to a luxurious one.

    • A Quick Tour

    Despite every effort, if you are not able to take out much time and yet you want to at least get a glimpse of the place then indulge in some quick tours. For example, you can spend time at the local shopping market or satiate your taste buds with street food instead of a fancy three-course meal to get the feel of the place.

    If you know about any other way(s) of adding a dash of leisure on a business trip, let us know in the comment section.

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