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    Eco Rent A Car provides all types of employee transportation services to the workforce of some of the largest company campuses in India. The service is available for moving workers from off-site parking, receiving company executives from the airport, taking team members from one branch to another, providing company employees daily pick-drop facility, making the vehicle available for all the company workforce for a special event, and more.

    Eco Rent A Car helps companies in overcoming the employee transportation challenges they are facing by analyzing the situation better such as the number of employees who need to be transported, places they are going to or coming from, amenities that need to be provided, etc.

    We provide corporate employee transportation services and it includes employee shuttle service as well. Our team has noticed that customers often struggle between the employee shuttle service and staff transport services as they are not clear with the terms or what the service consists of. So, let’s throw some light on the differences between them.

    1. Range of Vehicles

    Shuttle service is nothing but bus or coach service rendered to transport people to and from the office. It is primarily a large vehicle that has huge luggage space and can accommodate 27 to 45 people. Shuttle service is most famous for airports and offices. There are various brands providing bus/coaches for shuttle service including luxury brands like Volvo. At times, the service comes with amenities that are not offered anywhere else such as restrooms, comfortable seats, entertainment system, etc.

    On the other hand, transportation is an umbrella term. It includes a wide range of fleets like bikes, cars, buses, coaches, trains, and airplanes as well! In other words, each vehicle that helps you move from one place to another comes under transportation. Therefore, employee transportation solutions are not limited to the shuttle, but also includes vans, SUVs, minibus, and sedans. You can choose from a wide fleet depending on the requirement of your organization.

    1. Service of Convenience

    What was your medium of transportation in school or college? The yellow bus or van? And do you remember which one of these used to come to your doorstep and the one that would collect students from a common point near your locality?

    Well, the same difference is between employee shuttle service and employee transportation service. A shuttle doesn’t provide door-to-door service. It will have a common stop and employees who live in the vicinity of that stop will board the bus or coach from that stop.

    Whereas, if the organization chooses a sedan or SUV as a medium of transportation under staff transport services, it will arrive right outside your home.

    1. Personalization

    Just like there are fixed options under shuttle service- bus or coach and it comes to a specific stop to receive the employees, the purpose of the shuttle service is also very limited. Shuttle service can be used for employees’ pick and drop facility. If you go a little further, you can use it to transport employees to the place of the event.

    However, as regards employee transportation service, you can use any vehicle for any purpose. You can hire a luxury car to escort your clients to the airport. A sedan can be taken on rent to send your employee or whole team to attend a meeting in another city. The top executives can book an exotic ride to pitch an investor.

    If you need to know more about what kind of vehicles are covered under ‘transportation’ and what is offered by Eco Rent A Car in both types of services, connect here.

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